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Manicure Tools and there uses

2010 April 20

First up on the list is a fingernail clipper.Fingernail clippers are used to cut nails that are too long to be filed down.Nails can be cut quickly, easily, and safely with this tool.To use, take the top metal flap and turn it around to 180 degrees.Next, place the portion of nail to be cut in between the blades, being careful no skin is underneath the blades.Then push down on the upper metal flap until you hear a snap, meaning the nail has been cut.Move on to the next nail needing trimming.Once you have finished, simply clean up the nail pieces and swing the top metal flap back around to close the nail clipper.You may also want to wash the nail clipper after each use.Dry with a hairdryer.Otherwise, wetness left on the metal may cause rusting to occur.

Next up on the list of tools is a nail file or emery board.Using a metal nail file isn’t the best option because it’s not flexible and actually doesn’t file well.Find an emery board that looks soft and gentle.Many files you will see in the drugstore offer files made for artificial nails.For natural nails, look for files that are orange or beige in color and appear smaller than those made for artificial nails.Replace often for best filing results as well as for sanitary reasons.Also, only use your own files, never borrow.Bacteria can be transmitted via files.File in one direction only, whether from left to right or right to left.A back and forth sawing motion may tear the nail.You can buy a whole bunch at once, as they often come prepackaged together.

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How to do Manicure at Home

2009 October 24

Some easy ways of doing manicure in home

Nail Scissors

2009 October 24

352The Nail Scissors Steel Curved is combination of nail scissors and cuticle have strong curved blades with sharp points, while their non-slip handle grip helps to ensure that you have a maximum control always. Nail Scissors are easy to use and excellent for trimming toenails and finger nails.

Cuticle Pliers

2009 October 23

140TheĀ Cuticle Pliers has curved blade, stainless steel cuticle pliers featuring with double spring. The Cuticle Pliers is ideal for remove hard toe Cuticles/finger nails cuticles with comfort and ease.By all Types of pliers from Beauty impex online beauty product store.

Manicure Set Golden Plated Implements

2009 October 23

382The Manicure Set Golden Plated ImplementsĀ 9-Piece grooming set contains tweezer, two scissor, plastic handle nail file, cuticle plier, hoofstick and three knife pusher. Manicure Set Golden Plated Implements is uniquely designed as a basic acquisitiveness of Manicure Set Golden Plated Implements to achieve the best balance and stability in hand during use.